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Terrapura Kullhad Small Set of 6 Pieces – Hand Painted

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Artistic Elegance in Miniature: Hand-Painted Kullhad Cups Set (Small Size – 6 Pieces)

Indulge in the allure of traditional craftsmanship with our Hand-Painted Kullhad Cups Set, a delightful fusion of culture and artistry. This set, comprising six charmingly small-sized cups, not only brings the essence of tradition to your table but also infuses a burst of vibrant colors into your intimate sipping moments.

Key Features:

Traditional Hand-Painted Artwork: Each Kullhad cup in this set is adorned with traditional hand-painted artwork, featuring intricate patterns and vibrant colors. These designs pay homage to cultural heritage, transforming each cup into a miniature piece of functional art.

Charming Small Size: The cups in this set are thoughtfully designed in a smaller size, providing an intimate serving experience. Perfect for a quick chai break or serving small portions of your favorite beverages with a touch of authenticity.

Premium Terracotta Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality terracotta, these Kullhad cups not only celebrate traditional art but also offer durability and an eco-friendly option. The natural earthy tones of terracotta contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Versatile Use: Ideal for serving hot or cold beverages in smaller portions, these Kullhad cups are versatile for various drinks. Enjoy the quaint charm of sipping from traditional cups during cozy moments, whether alone or with a few close companions.

Benefits of Our Hand-Painted Kullhad Cups Set (Small Size – 6 Pieces):

Cultural Charm: The hand-painted designs bring a touch of cultural charm to your table, making these small-sized Kullhad cups a delightful addition to your intimate sipping moments.

Perfectly Sized Portions: The small size of these cups is ideal for serving just the right amount of your favorite beverages, creating an intimate and authentic drinking experience.

Terracotta Durability: Crafted from premium terracotta, these cups are not only visually appealing but also durable and environmentally conscious.

Artistic Expression: Embrace the artistic expression of traditional hand-painted designs, adding a burst of colors and patterns to your mini sipping rituals.

Transform your cozy beverage moments into an artistic celebration with our Hand-Painted Kullhad Cups Set (Small Size – 6 Pieces). Order now and infuse your intimate gatherings with the beauty of tradition!

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Terrapura Kullhad Small Set of 6 Pieces – Hand Painted
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