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Terrapura Bottle with Cork 900 ml – Hand Painted

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Crafted with precision and passion, our exquisite clay products redefine elegance and functionality. From timeless pottery to innovative clayware, each piece is a testament to our commitment to quality and artistry. Elevate your space with the natural beauty and versatility of our handcrafted clay creations. Explore our diverse range that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary design, bringing warmth and authenticity to every corner of your home or workspace.

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Cork-Sealed Elegance: Hand-Painted Terracotta Bottle (900 ml)

Unveil the charm of traditional craftsmanship and artistic expression with our Hand-Painted Terracotta Bottle, elegantly sealed with a cork stopper. With a refined 900 ml capacity, this bottle not only stores your favorite beverages but stands as a testament to cultural richness and aesthetic finesse.

Key Features:

Intricate Hand-Painted Artwork: Each bottle is a canvas of artistic finesse, showcasing intricate hand-painted designs that celebrate traditional craftsmanship. The details and patterns add a touch of cultural richness to your beverage storage.

Refined 900 ml Capacity: Perfectly sized for everyday use, this bottle with a 900 ml capacity strikes the right balance between functionality and elegance. Ideal for storing and serving your preferred beverages in style.

Premium Terracotta Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality terracotta, the bottle not only preserves traditional art but also ensures durability and offers an eco-friendly choice. The natural earthy tones of terracotta enhance its overall aesthetic appeal.

Sealed with a Cork Stopper: The bottle features a cork stopper, adding a touch of sophistication while ensuring a tight seal to preserve the freshness of your beverages. The cork stopper complements the overall design with a natural and classic finish.

Benefits of Our Hand-Painted Terracotta Bottle with Cork (900 ml):

Cultural Sophistication: The hand-painted designs infuse cultural sophistication into your beverage storage, making the bottle a captivating addition to your kitchen or dining space.

Perfect Everyday Size: With a 900 ml capacity, this bottle is perfectly sized for daily use, allowing you to store and serve your favorite beverages with ease.

Terracotta Durability: Crafted from premium terracotta, the bottle ensures durability and provides an environmentally conscious option for beverage storage, combining aesthetics with practicality.

Artistic Expression: Embrace the artistic expression of traditional hand-painted designs, adding a touch of elegance to your everyday beverage rituals.

Elevate your beverage storage with our Hand-Painted Terracotta Bottle, sealed with a cork. Order now and bring a touch of cultural artistry to your daily moments!


Colors may vary. Each product is hand painted by our artisans

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Pink, Blue, Green, Beige

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Terrapura Bottle with Cork 900 ml – Hand Painted
Terrapura Bottle with Cork 900 ml – Hand Painted
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