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Indian Pottery Tradition

Over 7,000 years old, originating in the Mesolithic age.

Nirvana Niche

A unique form of hand-painted pottery from Gujarat, India, featuring designs passed down through generations and resembling ancient Indus Valley motifs.

Preservation Effort

Local potters, including one particularly dedicated family, strive to keep this traditional craft alive amidst challenges.

ARK Naturals Support

The company recognizes and supports these artisans, promoting their exceptional craft.

Product Range

Includes items from children's toys to household products and decorations, primarily for water storage.

Benefits of Clay Products

Clay vessels keep water cool, make it alkaline, and are believed to improve digestion and overall health.

Artisan Craftsmanship

Artisans produce hand-painted kitchenware and decorative water bottles that are both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Environmental Commitment

ARK Naturals promotes eco-friendly products, opposing the prevalent use of plastic and other harmful materials.

Artisan Challenges

Facing harsh working conditions and competition from modern materials, leading to a decline in traditional craft practices.

Continued Dedication

Despite these challenges, ARK Naturals and Gujarat's potters are committed to preserving the heritage of Nirvana Niche pottery.

Hand-painted pottery

The tradition of pottery in India stretches back more than 7,000 years, originating in the Mesolithic age. A prime example of this enduring craft is the “Nirvana Niche,” a distinct form of hand-painted pottery that hails from Gujarat, India. This collection showcases designs that are not only deeply rooted in tradition, having been passed down through generations, but also bear a striking resemblance to the motifs discovered in the ancient Indus Valley civilization. Today, the potters of this region are engaged in a valiant struggle to preserve this exceptional craft. Among them, one family stands out as the last bastion of tradition, tirelessly working to keep this art form vibrant and alive. ARK Naturals is proud to recognize and support the remarkable talent and dedication of these artisans, offering our full backing to their extraordinary craft.

The pottery created under the Nirvana Niche banner encompasses a wide array of items, from children’s toys to a variety of household products and decorative objects. The primary function of many of these items is water storage. Crafted from clay, these vessels not only maintain the coolness of water for extended periods but also impart alkalinity to the water, thereby reducing its acidity. It’s believed that consuming water from these natural, non-glazed terracotta products can promote better digestion, aid in preventing sunstroke, alleviate acidity, boost metabolism, and enhance overall digestive health.

Moreover, our artisans are skilled in creating a range of kitchenware, including plates and bowls, all of which are meticulously hand-painted with traditional designs, exuding a rich, aesthetic appeal. The water bottles, in particular, are a testament to their creators’ ingenuity, doubling as functional pieces and exquisite showpieces.

In an era increasingly dominated by the use of plastic and other harmful materials, ARK Naturals stands firm in its commitment to environmental sustainability. We actively encourage the adoption of eco-friendly products by supporting our artisans in their creative endeavors.

However, our artisans face significant challenges. The harsh working conditions in rural areas, exacerbated by extreme temperatures, pose a constant threat to their wellbeing. Moreover, the prevailing preference for plastic and steel over traditional earthenware—a staple of our ancestors—has severely impacted the livelihood of these craftsmen. This shift in consumer behavior is also influencing the younger generation of potters, who are increasingly looking towards urban employment opportunities, away from their ancestral craft.

Despite these hurdles, ARK Naturals and the dedicated families of potters in Gujarat remain steadfast in their mission to preserve and celebrate the unique heritage of Nirvana Niche pottery, ensuring its survival for generations to come

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